NCLEX-RN new test plan..
April fool’s day

Since its April fools day, I made a prank to my co worker.. She said we need urine specimen from mr.blank.. I took the specimen bottle and I said oh I got his pee.. The nurse was like omg!!! We been trying to get his urine for 3days now and you got it just like that..

I laugh so hard…lol!!! I’m sorry that’s not a urine its a apple juice.. Happy April fool’s day..whew!!!
Disease/ disorder mnemonics

3 P’s of Diabetes Mellitus - Type 1 Signs & Symptoms

P- Polyuria (excessive urination)
P- Polydypsia (excessive thirst)
P- Polyphagia (excessive hunger)

Right-Sided Heart Failure (HEAD)

H- Hepatomegaly
E- Edema (Bipedal)
A- Ascites
D- Distended Neck Vein

Left-Sided Heart Failure (CHOP)

C- Cough
H- Hemoptysis
O- Orthopnea
P- Pulmonary Congestion (crackles/ rales)

Eating Disorder: ANOREXIA

A-menorrhea delayed
N-o organic factors accounts for weight loss
O-bviously thin but feels FAT
R-efusal to maintain normal body weight
E-pigastric discomfort is common
X-symptoms (peculiar symptoms)
I-ntense fears of gaining weight
A-lways thinking of foods

Eating Disorder: BULIMIA

B-inge eating
U-nder strict dieting
L-acks control over-eating
I-nduced vomiting
M-inimum of to binge eating episodes
I-ncrease/Persistent concern of body size/shape
A-buse of diuretics & laxatives

Have a break, have a kitkat..
Yay or nay!!! I’m not good in drawing.. Im just Trying to interpret the difference between kyphosis and lordosis..
•Kyphosis- convexity in the thoracic region
•lordosis- concavity in the lumbar region..
Spinal cord injury

C3- inability to control muscles of breathing

C4- no upper extremity muscle function
C5- neck movement

C6- muscle function in C5 level

C7- no finger muscle power

C8- finger muscle power

T1-T4 - good upper extremity muscle strength 

T5- L2 - balance difficulties

L3- L5- trunk- pelvis muscle function intact

L5- S3 - waddling gait
Gardner-Wells tongs 

U-shaped tongs used for spinal traction, having pressure—controlled pins that are inserted into the skull at opposite ends to permit application of a longitudinal force to the axis of the spinal column.
Halo skeletal traction may be used to immobilize a patient’s head and neck following a cervical fracture. Prevention of infectious reactions around the pin sites of halo traction is a priority in rehabilitation nursing practice. Although prophylactic treatment of skeletal pin sites is a generally accepted practice, there is great diversity of opinion and very limited systematic investigation as to how the sites should be treated. In this article, the author reviews the literature on pin site care and suggests a protocol based on the current literature.
       - electronic apparatus used to initiate heartbeat when the SA node is seriously damaged and unable to act as as a pacemaker.

*fundamental cardiac physiology
*daily pulse check for 1 full minute
*report any sudden slowing/speeding up of the heart rate
*importance of following up with weekly monitoring during first 1-2 months after placement & at anticipated battery depletion time
*wear loose fitting clothing around area with pacemaker
*call doctor if develop pain/redness over site
*no heavy contact sports
*carry ID card/medic alert braclette with info on model of pacemaker, rate set at, and manufacturer
*remind of need for periodic hospitalization for battery changes or possible unit replacement

1. Levin-Single-Lumen Stomach tube
      • used to remove stomach content or providing tube feeding

2. Salem Sump - double- Lumen Stomach Tube
      • most frequently used tube for decompression with suction

3. Sengstaken- Blakemore- triple-Lumen gastric tube
    • with inflatable esophagus ballon, stomach balloon, gastric suction lumen used for treatment of bleeding esophageal varices

     • soft silicone rubber, medium-length tube used for long- term feedings, placement verified by X-RAY, takes 24hrs to pass from stomach into intestines; lay on right side to facilitate passage

5. Cantor- single-lumen tube 
    • with mercury-filled balloon and suction port

6. Miller- Abbott- double- Lumen tube
    • with mercury- filled balloon and suction 

7. Harris- Single- Lumen Tube
   • with mercury- filled balloon and suction port
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